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Creative Karon Tailors is a third generation family-owned business in Thailand catering to locals and foreigners alike, with full-fledged quality material and in-trend custom tailored garments of high standards. Our current stores are situated on Karon Beach (Phuket) and Khaolak.


For the past three decades, we have been working in partnership with agents, major local and international tour operators in servicing their clients bespoke tailor-made clothes with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Not only are we highly experienced in customised clothing for personal wear, but we also manufacture uniforms for various enterprises at competitive prices.


Most importantly, our business takes pride in giving back to the local community and economy by supporting the workforce in Phuket.

"At Creative, we don't overcomplicate things. Simplicity is key and the process starts with understanding our clients' needs. With patterns created piece by piece by our professional master tailors, complete customer satisfaction is always ensured."


~ Sareena & Joe

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