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  • Which is the best way to make a quick inquiry?
    You can message us directly on WhatsApp +66818990939, or on Instagram / Facebook Messenger. We also reply swiftly to emails
  • Where can I view your latest products and updates?
    You can view our latest collection on our website under the 'Made By Creative' section on our website, or through our social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook.
  • What are the range of fabrics you offer?
    Creative specialises in a range of materials, including: Cashmere Wool Mohair Wool Wool Blends Flannel Tweed Linen Pure Silk Silk Blends High-end Cotton Velvet Corduroy Chiffon Satin Charmeuse Organza Brocade Jacquard Beaded Fabrics Leather Denim
  • I found a photo of an item that I like, can you make me something similar?
    Yes, here at Creative, we ensure flexible and customisable clothing without a fuss, which can be personalised to our clients' specific needs. You can simply send us an image, a description or an actual product for us to replicate, and we will try our best to guide you with the most suitable fabric and design.
  • I'm looking to create uniforms for my staff, can you do logos?
    Yes, of course. Creative specialises in formal wear and have been supplying uniforms for local and international businesses including restaurants, companies and hotels.
  • I have an important occasion / wedding coming up, how far in advance should I get in touch?
    Please get in touch one month before the event to ensure you receive your products in time.
  • Do you do alterations?
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, credit cards, bank transfers, Western Union, Wise and PayPal.
  • Do you accept Crypto?
    Yes, that would be an option.
  • I want to become an agent, how much commission should I expect?
    To discuss more about commission-based referrals or becoming an agent, please get in touch by sending us an email You can find tips and guidelines under the 'Become an Agent' section on our website.
  • I am plus size, would you be able to accomodate?
    Yes, of course.
  • I am a wheelchair user, is your store accessible?
  • Which countries do you ship to?
    We offer door to door shipping worldwide.
  • How long does shipping usually take?
    All international shipping can take up to three weeks from the day the order is finalised.
  • What would be the shipping costs if I order online?
    Prices agreed upon include all shipping costs, depending on the weight of the product and the destination.
  • I want to order online, do you provide a measuring guide?
    Yes. Once the style and fabric have been finalised, a detailed measuring guide will be provided to help you with the process. We can also arrange a video call if you need additional assistance.
  • What if I receive my items and don't like it?
    Our Returns Policy Creative offers to remake your order if we failed to follow the measurements you submitted (considering tailor allowances), or comply with the style and fabric discussed. If your items were damaged, we request photographic evidence that must be submitted within one week of receiving the order. After reviewing your complaint, Creative will offer to replace your item as long as it hasn't been tampered with. Please note that these guidelines are general and may be modified on individual basis.
  • What if my clothes don't fit?
    If your measurements (following our measuring guide) were incorrectly submitted, we offer to remake or alter your products at your expense. If we were unable to follow the measurements you submitted (taking our minimal added allowances into consideration) Creative will take full responsibility by either offering credit for minor alterations that can be done by your local tailor, or altering/remaking your item with no extra cost, if required. Please note that these guidelines are general and may be modified on individual basis.
  • Are your products sustainably sourced? What are your work ethics?
    Yes, Creative prioritises product sustainability and optimum environmental practices by reusing and recycling fabric when possible, and actively reducing plastic usage in our packaging. Similarly, we strictly comply with work ethics by providing the most comfortable and standardised working conditions for our staff, as well as follow fair wage regulations.
  • Where are your products manufactured?
    All products are designed and manufactured in our factory by experienced locals of Phuket, Thailand, as we believe in giving back and supporting our community. Some of our fabrics are imported from around the world, including the UK, Australia, Italy, India, China, Japan and Egypt.
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